12 Exclusive Wedding Photography Tips

A wedding is not just a ceremony that unites two individuals in marriage, it is an event to be cherished and remembered for a lifetime. For this reason, wedding photographs should be outstandingly extraordinary. Here are 12 wedding photography tips that will help you to take marvelous photos.1. Preparation is crucial- Sit with the couple and prepare a list of shots that they would like to include in their album. The list will be particularly helpful in taking family photographs. Also ascertain their expectations and show them your working style. Furthermore, as a wedding photographer you should know what kinds of photographs have to be taken.Try to attend the rehearsal of the ceremony; it will provide you a lot of information about the order of the events, lighting, location, and so forth. Make a fail safe backup plan to prevent any kind of incongruity. Moreover, you should have adequate stock of batteries, memory cards, flash diffusers, reflectors, lens hoods, etc. There is no harm in keeping two cameras, one with wide lens, and the other with long lens.2. Pay attention to small details- Browse the latest issue of wedding magazine to get some new ideas and inspirations. Do shoot small wedding details as well, like the ring, wedding dress, shoes, decoration, cake, menus, and so on. These snapshots will make the album look unique.3. Wedding photography director and second photographer- During the wedding, everyone is in a festive mood, and it is exceedingly difficult to determine the family dynamics at that point of time. Request the couple to nominate a person from their family as the wedding photography director. He will help you to shoot all the important people with ease. A second photographer will help you to cover the ceremony in a detailed manner. While one can capture candid shots, the other can take formal photos.4. Avoid being obtrusive- Be bold, but not obtrusive. At times, it might be essential to ask the couple to pose for some shots, but take care not to intrude and disrupt pleasurable moments.5. Learn to use flash diffusers and reflectors- Flash Diffusers and reflectors are a great way to prevent wedding photographs from being ruined by flash blowout syndrome. You can also alter the shutter speed, aperture size and ISO settings of your digital camera to avert the instances of flash blowout.6. Use fill-flash technique- As compared to the foreground, if the background has more light, then severe shadows are created. Fill-flash technique helps to light up the foreground and shoo away the shadows.7. Check the background- In ceremonies like wedding, it is difficult to regulate the background as per the photographic needs. The only thing that you can do is to keep on searching for good backgrounds while taking shots.8. Take snapshots from different perspectives- Frequently, just by changing the perspective you can get stupendous snapshots. Examine and evaluate all the possible perspectives and choose the best one.9. Wedding group shots are important- Try to shoot everyone in attendance. Use a ladder, balcony or roof for taking exclusive wedding group shots.10. Don’t delete photographs- With a digital camera, you can easily check and delete photos. However, do not delete any picture from your camera. Instead, with the help of good software, remove the discrepancies from the images and make them look different.11. Emphasize on unexpected events- Things can go wrong without prior warning. Hence, be prepared to handle unexpected events. Make those events memorable and enjoyable.12. Keep the camera settings right- Before you step out to take the first shot, make sure that your camera is in continuous shooting mode, and all the sounds have been switched off. These settings will help you to take splendid pictures continuously without disturbing the couple and their guests.

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