BBM Travel

Be by myself (BBM) travel is a style of business travel that allows an individual to be alone for a short period of time to focus on productivity, to give a certain project a or decision-making process a boost.

Many of us, in our daily lives, struggle to find the right balance. With all the distractions that normal life holds, important personal projects can easily be pushed to the side or given less attention than they need or deserve.

This is where BBM travel comes in, BBM travel allows you time to give all of your attention to your project, be it writing a book, developing a website, creating a business plan or having a strategic thinking session.

When considering BBM travel, think about what you personally need to create a perfect environment conducive to helping you to complete your project. What are the priorities for you? Consider the following:

Travel, it is recommended to travel by plane. Avoid long travels because it is a waste of time to travels for hours to get peace of mind. Two to three hours flight is more than enough. Avoid travelling by car when you have a lot of thinking to do it is a waste of powerful thinking time a very dangerous to undertake.

Accommodation is another very important aspect of the success of your BBM travel.

Things to consider in your selection of accommodation would be:
• Wifi, a FREE internet connection is crucial for the success of your BBM travel experience.
• Quiet, a comfortable and quite accommodation is ideal for your thinking session
• Inexpensive (Budget Hotels), since you don’t want to spend a lot of money just to think
• Good Friendly house keeping because will be spending a lot of time in your room and will need refreshing it at odd hours
• Room Service, you might be working during strange hours and you will need a hotel that has 24/7 room service.
• Swimming Pool and Gym because you will need the exercise and workout to makeup for the log working hours.
• Business Center a full-blown business center is required since you might need typing, transcribing or copying and binding services.
• After hours entertainment disco, nightclub or rich bar to blow your mind off after long hours of work.

In order to make your BBM trip as productive as possible, it is important to consider the perfect working situation for you. It needs to be one that allows you to fully focus and this is different for every individual. The best advice is to write a list of what this entails so you understand your needs and can plan the BBM travel trip that suits you.

With a growing number of hotels and resorts set up to cater to BBM business travel it is easier than ever to find the perfect location to suit your needs. It is only left up to you to plan your day / night working hours for a perfect result and return on your BBM travel. Here is a sample work plan for your to consider. You can add or move and delete whatever does not sit you or your plan.

• Wake up (preferably early morning)
• Exercise or Walk or do some jogging and then shower
• Have a GOOD Breakfast
• Spend time on your project
• Do not stop if things are going OK with you

If things are started to be slow or you feel you are unproductive take a break ( good time to call house keeping to clean your room)

Have a meal when you are REALLY hungry if things are going fine with you, stop for a meal only if you feel you are not being productive. A good time for a break

Come back to resume productive work till early evening

Avoid going out of the hotel and try to use hotel entertainment facilities

In the night session you can enjoy a break and sleep to wake up early or continue work to a late hour and wake up late.

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